smart city

HARMONY is a smart city project with a strategic modern urban apartments by HARMONY MULTI-STATE CGHS PVT. LTD to enjoy Lifestyles with Governance, Mobility in a Environment and within an Economical Sustainable Societal framework. Our positioning is that of being Smart City (Hub or Vlillage) land and property developers.


The details of existing Maternity Center / Dispensaries have been collected. However to meet the requirement of 20 lakh population to be accommodated in the zone and to provide 5 hospital - beds per thousand population, a hierarchy of health facilities / hospitalshas been proposed.


To enable optimum utilization of resources and available education infrastructure, need to The Zone L of West Delhi is contemplated to be a major hub for population in the near future. The zone covers an area formulate policies and norms have been recognized in the Master Plan. Also, land measuring about 53.6 ha is to be kept of 22,979 hectares and is located in the South West Delhi, hence is closest to South Delhi. The zone shares boundary


Metro city life, the zone is decked with elite amenities and has access to the upcoming Delhiís largest Golf Course. The In the zone, a site of about 17 hac already exists for sports Training Institute. New sports facilities have to area is surrounded by NH-10/Rohtak Road and Railway line in the North and Dwarka Sub-City in the East. Being the be provided in the zone in a hierarchy of divisional sports centre, District Sports Centre and Community most well-connected zone of the city makes L Zone a highly sought after residential zone in the coming ?ve years. sports centre. The Zone L is envisioned to be the next area to ease out the space related issue in the city. If any time is the ideal time

parks & greens

Overlooking the lush green view and park L-zone one of Delhiís most desirable place to live, a lot of stress has been put to make it a society which is close to nature. The residents here will have lot of greenery with beautiful landscaped green parks, playground, jogging tracks and trees and plantation around them thus making it an Eco-friendly Society. Harmony is situated inside Delhiís L-zone where high standard of living & comfort is a way of life. It is located away from the chaos, narrow lanes and crumbled infrastructure of the city.

security and safty

Police Station / Police Post, Police Lines and Jail etc. shall be provided in Public / Semipublic use. The requirement of 13 ha land for security facilities and 15 ha for safety facilities such as Fire Station has been proposed.