Objectives / Plans


The Government has realized this slackness and notified a new plan known as MPD 2021 vide Gazette Notification No. SO 141 dated 07/02/2007. MPD 2021 envisages involvement of private sector in the development of land and provision of infrastructure services as an improvement over the current scheme of large-scale development and acquisition of land entrusted to Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

The basic objectives of Zonal Plan for Planning Zone L are:

i) Improved accessibility / connectivity with both the Urban Extension and the Rural Areas.

ii) Upgrade Infrastructure

iii) Preserve natural resources and eco system

Land Pooling

The new land policy is based on the concept of land pooling wherein the land parcels owned by individuals or group of owners are legally consolidated by transfer of ownership rights to the designated Land Pooling Agency, which later transfers the ownership of the part of land back to the land owners for undertaking of development for such areas. The policy is applicable in the proposed urbanisable areas of the Urban Extensions for which Zonal plans have been approved on Dated 25 June 2010.


Vision - 2021 is to make Delhi a global metropolis and a world class city where all the people would be engaged in productive work with a better quality of life, living in a sustainable environment. The land will be purchased in the "L Zone" for our own group housing project. The government is likely to come up with detailed regulations by 2014 based on which the approvals for commencing construction will be taken, therefore, the financial burden in respect of the apartments will be staggered over such period. But they must also consider that the value of land is likely to continue to appreciate simultaneously. Provision of adequate infrastructure services, conservation of the environment, preservation of Delhi's heritage and blending it with the new and complex modern patterns of development and doing all this within a framework of sustainable development.


Given the inexorable migration of people to Delhi and National Capital Region (Delhi & NCR) and the urbanization of Delhi & NCR, prices of real estate have been increasing exponentially. Residential properties that were affordable until a few years back are now out of reach for the salaried class. It is the opportunity of life time and shall never come again because the Urbanisable land in Delhi is going to finish after the Master Plan 2021 is executed.

DDA Working with Private Sector

Acquiring land has become very difficult in Delhi in the past two decades and hence land acquisition and planned development has not kept pace with the increasing demands of urbanization. Moreover, the process of acquisition is increasingly challenged by land owners due to low compensation as compared to market value. The new policy will allow the entry of the private sector by involving the owner in land development. The DDA, which acquires land, will provide a chunk of the developed land back to the owner instead of compensation. The policy will allow consolidation of the private land by its owners through pooling and surrendering it to the DDA.